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Background Screening
Business and Management Eden Kean  

Important Questions To Ask A Potential Background Screening Company

Background screening is an important step in exposing applicants who are not suitable in the recruitment procedure. Doing a search on Google is a good place to start to find a background screening company. But you need to do your homework and pick out the best partner for your organization.

Before choosing a company that will assist you with background checks, investigate and make sure it is the best service for your company needs. Companies that do background checks come in all varieties and often customize their services for different types of customers. 

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Below are a few questions to ask a background screening company, so that you feel confident you are dealing with the right partner.

Background Screening

  1. Reputation

Does the company have a good reputation? Many companies will offer employment screening services for a fee. Companies like these will perform checks and guarantee compliance throughout the process. It is important to be selective about which screening agency you choose. A reputable company will explain the process to you.

  1. Who deals with my account?

Some background screening firms automate this process which makes finding an answer to your questions frustrating. Make sure the company assigns an account manager or client services representative to you who are usually responsible for processing your accounts, answering questions and ensuring your reports are processed within the turnaround time.

  1. Do they have real people to answer your questions? If you want to perform any background check ,verify references,criminal background and education history. 
  2. Ask to speak to previous customers to get a feel for the way they approach customer services.

An experienced background screening company will answer each of these questions to you and provide detailed information on quality services.