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What Is Product Photography Lighting

Lighting is an essential element in photography. It can bring photos to life. It creates effects, such as stunning shadows or silhouettes, or is a negative influence by causing unwanted glare and reflections. To find the best product photography lighting visit

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Hard Light and Soft Light

Hard light is well-defined and produces dark shadows, and is likely to be a result of one light source that is typically tiny or far away. In contrast, soft light creates soft shadows, or none even. It is generated by multiple light sources, diffusing light through some type of barrier or by reflecting light off various surfaces, so that the subject gets hit at different angles. 

When lighting conditions are natural the hard light can be produced on sunny days when there is no or little cloud cover and the sun is in the sky. This is generally to be avoided especially by novice photographers.

¬†Shooting in other types of weather conditions, e.g. fog, cloudy days, or even when there is pollution in the air, can produce soft light since the sun’s light is diffused or reflected by particles that are in the air.

In general, the size of light sources is directly proportional to the strength of the light, which implies that light sources with smaller sizes produce more hard light. Soft light is, however, is created by:

  • Reflectors: The act of reflecting light will transform the reflector into a secondary source of light. Anything could be made into reflectors regardless of whether you shoot outdoors or indoors. Reflectors can be professional or simply papers.
  • Diffusers: Under natural lighting conditions, clouds can be excellent instances of diffusers. In artificial lighting, any semi-transparent substance which diffuses or softens light can be utilized. Lampshades are a fantastic illustration for light diffusers. If you shoot the camera, even a white cloth is a good option.