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Why Modification Is Needed For Duty Belts Setup?

Belts for duty have always been of immense importance for the ranks of police officers. They are the last piece of uniform that we wear before heading out the door, and it’s often the first item that we remove after the shift has ended.

We are averse to them and we sweat during the entire shift wearing them, however duty belts are an important tool to carry all the necessary police equipment, while keeping your hands completely free. If you are looking for the best duty belts setup , visit Blue Alpha.

duty belt setup

In the past ,the belts we wear restrict our movement and prevent us from sitting correctly in vehicles , and tie our feet on items like seatbelts, for example. when we exit our vehicles.

But now ,the belts we wear are the most durable duty belts that help us to get balance between security and comfort.

In addition, the correctly fitting duty belt shouldn’t be too rigid or restricting, since it can cause back pain or create unnecessary ties for officers. A poorly fitting duty belt can eventually become a danger to health and safety and cause fatigue, pinching and back pain. It can also cause the back of the hip to be misaligned and bleeding.

Police officers are all constructed differently, and have distinct body kinds. Furthermore female officers of the police force are constructed differently from male officers and need a well-fitted duty belt. So, duty belts have to be made to accommodate every body type, frame and sizes.